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reversal an incident or event that causes progress to stop or losses to occur; setback. [3 definitions]
reverse opposite in direction, position, movement, or the like. [15 definitions]
reverse discrimination discrimination against previously favored groups, such as whites, Protestants, or males.
reverse osmosis a method of filtering pure water molecules out of salt water or polluted water by forcing the water through a semipermeable membrane.
reverse transcriptase an enzyme that converts RNA to DNA and is used in making recombinant DNA.
reversible able to be reversed. [4 definitions]
reversion the act or an instance of turning back to a former condition, belief, practice, or the like. [4 definitions]
revert to return to a previous state, practice, belief, or the like. [4 definitions]
revery variant of reverie.
revetment a facing of stone, masonry, or the like to support or protect a wall, embankment, or mound of earth. [2 definitions]
revictual combined form of victual.
review a process of reexamination or reconsideration. [11 definitions]
reviewable combined form of review.
reviewer a person who writes reviews of plays, concerts, films, and the like.
revile to speak about or speak to with hostile insults; disparage or abuse. [2 definitions]
revisal the act of revising; revision.
revise to change, alter, or modify. [3 definitions]
Revised Standard Version the most widely accepted modern English translation of the Bible, based on Hebrew and Greek texts and used mainly by Protestants.
revision the act or process of revising. [2 definitions]
revisionism any doctrine or view of history that departs from a longstanding or widely accepted doctrine or view, esp. from orthodox Marxism, or that advocates practices that depart from it.
revisionist one who revises or supports revision, esp. of some religious or political doctrine or practice. [2 definitions]