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revisal the act of revising; revision.
revise to change, alter, or modify. [3 definitions]
Revised Standard Version the most widely accepted modern English translation of the Bible, based on Hebrew and Greek texts and used mainly by Protestants.
revision the act or process of revising. [2 definitions]
revisionism any doctrine or view of history that departs from a longstanding or widely accepted doctrine or view, esp. from orthodox Marxism, or that advocates practices that depart from it.
revisionist one who revises or supports revision, esp. of some religious or political doctrine or practice. [2 definitions]
revisit to visit or go to again, esp. with the intent to examine something or to relive an important experience. [2 definitions]
revisory of, concerning, or for the purpose of revision.
revisualization combined form of visualization.
revitalize to give fresh life, vigor, or vitality to.
revival the act or process of reviving. [4 definitions]
revivalism the collective movements of religious revival.
revivalist one who promotes or conducts religious revivals. [3 definitions]
revive to update or bring back into use. [9 definitions]
revivify to inject new life or vitality into.
revocable capable of being canceled, withdrawn, or annulled.
revocation the act of revoking or condition of being revoked; annulment; nullification.
revocatory having to do with a revocation; holding or communicating a revocation.
revoke to withdraw, rescind, annul, or cancel. [3 definitions]
revolt to enter into active and usu. violent opposition against an established authority or political system. [5 definitions]
revolting extremely offensive; disgusting. [2 definitions]