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rib1 one of the series of bones that curve from the spine around the chest of a person or animal. [7 definitions]
rib2 to make good-hearted fun of (someone); tease; kid.
ribald characterized by or using rude, coarse, or vulgar language or humor. [2 definitions]
ribaldry ribald humor or language.
ribband a long, flexible band of wood or metal that holds the ribs of a ship in place while the outside planking or plating is put on.
ribbing1 a series of ribs, as in the structure of a boat or in knitted fabric.
ribbing2 an act or instance of teasing.
ribbon a narrow strip or band of colorful material such as satin or rayon, used to hold the hair, to tie up and decorate gift packages, and the like. [8 definitions]
rib cage the structure of ribs forming a cage around the internal organs of the chest.
ribier grape a large, dark variety of table grape cultivated in Europe and California.
riboflavin an orange to yellow member of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, meat, eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables, required in human nutrition for energy metabolism; vitamin B2.
ribonuclease any of numerous enzymes that break down ribonucleic acids.
ribonucleic acid see RNA.
ribose a pentose sugar that is found in RNA.
ribosome any of various small particles in the cytoplasm of a cell that contain RNA and are active in protein synthesis.
-ric administrative region or body; jurisdiction.
rice a grass that is widely cultivated in warm, wet areas, esp. in India and China. [3 definitions]
rice paper a thin, delicate paper made from the pith of the rice-paper tree. [2 definitions]
rice-paper tree a small Asian tree or shrub related to the ginseng, having pithy stems used in making rice paper.
ricer a kitchen utensil that presses soft foods, such as cooked potatoes, through small holes to produce bits the size of rice.
rich having a great amount of money or valuable property. [8 definitions]