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riches wealth. [2 definitions]
Richmond the capital of Virginia.
Richter scale a logarithmic scale from one to ten that is used to measure the intensity and magnitude of an earthquake.
rick a large, outdoor pile or stack of hay, straw, or the like, esp. when thatched or covered with a tarp. [2 definitions]
rickets (used with a sing. verb) a disease of children characterized by softening and deformity of the bones, usu. resulting from malnutrition or a lack of vitamin D, calcium, or sunlight.
rickettsia any of various parasitic microorganisms that are carried by lice, fleas, or ticks to animals and humans and cause typhus and other diseases.
rickety likely to fall over or fall apart; unsound; shaky. [4 definitions]
rickey a drink made of soda water, lime juice, sugar, and often gin.
rickrack a flat strip of zigzag braid or ribbon used as trimming on clothing, cloth furnishings, and the like.
rickshaw a small, two-wheeled vehicle that carries one or two passengers and is pulled by someone who walks, jogs, or cycles ahead.
ricochet to bounce or skip off a surface at an angle; rebound. [2 definitions]
ricotta a soft white cheese of Italian origin that is similar to but smoother than cottage cheese.
rictus a gape or continuous gaping, as of a bird or other animal. [2 definitions]
rid to clear or free from something undesirable (usu. fol. by "of").
ridable combined form of ride.
riddance the act or fact of becoming free of or delivered from a burdensome person or thing.
ridden full of, or overwhelmed or obsessed by (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
riddle1 a puzzling, tricky, and often amusing question, usu. with an ingenious answer, posed as a diversion or as a test of one's wits. [4 definitions]
riddle2 to pierce with a large number of holes.
ride to sit on the back of a horse or other animal and direct its movement. [16 definitions]
rideable combined form of ride.