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Río de la Plata a South American river and estuary formed by the merging of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River and flowing along the border of Uruguay and Argentina and into the Atlantic Ocean.
Rioja any of various Spanish table wines, esp. a dry red wine, produced in northern Spain.
riot a violent public disturbance, usu. involving a large number of people. [7 definitions]
riot gun a small firearm, esp. a repeating shotgun with a short barrel, used to disperse or halt a crowd rather than to injure or kill.
riotous of or resembling a riot or public disturbance. [4 definitions]
R.I.P. abbreviation of "requiescat in pace" (Latin); may he, or she, rest in peace.
rip1 to cut open, off, or apart roughly and forcefully; tear. [5 definitions]
rip2 a stretch or current of rough water in a river or at sea.
rip3 (informal) a person living in abandon or debauchery; reprobate.
riparian of, relating to, near, or living on the bank of a natural body or flow of water.
riparian right the right of a person who owns riparian land to use and have access to the shore and water, as for fishing or irrigation.
rip cord a cord that, when pulled, opens a parachute for descent. [2 definitions]
ripe fully grown or matured and ready for harvest or eating, as grain, fruit, or cheese. [5 definitions]
ripen to become or cause to become ripe, mature, or fully prepared.
rip into (informal) to attack vigorously.
ripoff (slang) a theft, exploitation, misrepresentation, or the like. [3 definitions]
rip off (slang) to rob or steal. [2 definitions]
riposte a quick return thrust in fencing, made after parrying a lunge by one's opponent. [4 definitions]
ripple of water, to move or flow in small waves or undulations. [5 definitions]
ripple effect influences or consequences that spread from an earlier act or event.
ripple mark a wavy ridge or line, as on sand or mud, caused by the motion of wind or waves or both. [2 definitions]