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ripple mark a wavy ridge or line, as on sand or mud, caused by the motion of wind or waves or both. [2 definitions]
riprap broken stones loosely assembled to form a foundation, as under water or on soft ground, or the foundation constructed of these stones. [3 definitions]
rip-roaring (informal) boisterously wild and noisy; lively and exciting; riotous.
ripsaw a saw with large teeth, used to cut wood along the grain.
ripsnorter (informal) something that is outstanding in excitement, strength, violence, or the like.
ripstop nylon a nylon fabric in which extra threads have been woven into the pattern to strengthen the fabric and reduce the likelihood of or damage from runs or tears in it.
riptide a current coming against or opposing another current, esp. in tidal waters, and causing extreme turbulence.
Rip Van Winkle in a nineteenth-century short story by Washington Irving, the title character, who sleeps for twenty years and awakens to find a greatly changed world. [2 definitions]
rise to move, extend, or project upward. [24 definitions]
rise above to ignore or feign indifference to.
risen past participle of rise.
riser one who rises, esp. after sleep. [2 definitions]
rise to the occasion to deal successfully with a difficult situation.
risibility (often pl.) the ability or tendency to laugh or to see the humorous absurdity in something.
risible able or inclined to laugh. [2 definitions]
rising ascending, increasing, or advancing. [5 definitions]
risk the possibility of suffering injury or loss; dangerous chance. [6 definitions]
riskless combined form of risk.
risky full of or involving risk; potentially dangerous; hazardous.
Risorgimento the movement to liberate and unify Italy, or the period from 1750 to 1870, in which this movement occurred.
risotto an Italian dish of rice cooked in broth, to which grated cheese, other flavorings, and vegetables may be added.