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rivet a metal pin that has a head at one end and is hammered flat at the other end after the shank has been passed through holes in the metal plates or other objects to be pinned together. [3 definitions]
rivulet a tiny stream or brook; trickle.
Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia.
riyal the chief monetary unit of Saudi Arabia, equaling twenty qurush and one hundred halalah. [3 definitions]
rm. abbreviation of "room," a subsection of a building separated from similar sections by walls or partitions.
RN abbreviation of "registered nurse," a nurse who has completed extensive training and passed a state examination licensing him or her to practice nursing.
Rn symbol of the chemical element radon.
RNA any of several single-stranded nucleic acids containing the sugar ribose that occur in the cytoplasm of all living cells and are essential in protein synthesis; ribonucleic acid.
roach1 a cockroach.
roach2 a freshwater fish related to carp, found in northern Europe. [2 definitions]
road a long, narrow course, often with a smooth and paved surface, made for the passage of vehicles and people. [3 definitions]
roadability the degree of comfort and efficiency of a road vehicle.
road agent a highway robber of stagecoaches, as in the nineteenth-century western United States.
roadbed the bed, as of gravel or crushed stone, on which a railway is laid. [2 definitions]
roadblock a barricade placed across the road to stop traffic and allow for inspection by police or to stop movement of the enemy by a military force. [3 definitions]
road hog one who drives so as to obstruct other traffic moving in the same direction, as by occupying parts of both lanes simultaneously.
roadhouse a bar, restaurant, or nightclub on a country or suburban road.
roadkill the remains of an animal killed by being struck by a car or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
roadless combined form of road.
road map a motorist's map that shows the routes, road types, mileage between towns, and the like for a specified region.
road racing automobile racing on a course of or resembling public roads.