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rootstock an underground, rootlike, usu. horizontal stem from which shoots grow upward and roots downward; rhizome. [2 definitions]
rooty having many roots. [2 definitions]
rope a strong, flexible, usu. thick and heavy line of twisted or braided hemp, nylon, or similar material. [8 definitions]
ropewalk a long narrow shed or building in which ropes are made. [2 definitions]
ropewalker one who walks or performs on a tightrope, esp. a paid entertainer; tightrope walker.
ropy like a rope or ropes. [2 definitions]
roque a variety of croquet played on a hard court surrounded by a raised rim or low wall.
Roquefort trademark for a strong cheese of sheep's or goat's milk, with veins of bluish mold.
roquet to knock (one's croquet ball) against another ball. [2 definitions]
rorqual any of a related group of whales, such as the blue whale, that have lengthwise grooves on the underside and a small, well-developed dorsal fin; finback.
Rorschach test a psychological test in which a profile of the patient is formed on the basis of the patient's subjective interpretation of standardized designs that resemble ink blots.
rosacea a chronic skin condition affecting the face that is characterized by redness, pimples, swelling, and dilation of blood vessels; acne rosacea.
rosaceous of or belonging to the rose family of plants. [2 definitions]
Rosa Parks U.S. civil rights activist and icon, whose arrest in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to obey segregation laws on a municipal bus inspired a wave of civil rights activism; born Rosa Louise McCauley (b.1913--d.2005).
rosary a prescribed series of prayers recited by Roman Catholics to the Virgin Mary. [3 definitions]
rosť a pale pink, light table wine made from red grapes from which the skins have been removed before fermentation is completed.
rose1 any of numerous wild or cultivated shrubs or vines that have compound leaves and usu. thorny stems and bear showy, usu. fragrant flowers composed of many petals. [7 definitions]
rose2 past tense of rise.
rose acacia a shrub found in the southern United States that has brittle, prickling branches and bears clusters of large, rose-colored flowers.
roseate suffused or tinged with a rose color; rosy. [2 definitions]
Roseau the capital of Dominica.