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roster a list of names of individuals or groups belonging to or participating in an organization, class, military or police unit, or the like. [2 definitions]
rostrum a raised platform or dais for public speaking.
rosy deep reddish pink. [4 definitions]
rosy finch any of several related finches, found in western North America and eastern Asia, that have rose-colored tinting on the wings, rump, tail, or the like.
rot to decompose or decay, as organic matter. [12 definitions]
rotameter an instrument that measures the rate of flow of a liquid by means of a movable float encased in a vertical tube.
rotary turning or able to turn on an axis; rotating. [4 definitions]
Rotary Club a local unit of an international men's service organization.
rotary engine an engine in which rotation is produced by supplying power directly to the rotary parts, such as a turbine. [2 definitions]
rotary press a printing press with the type mounted on plates on a rotating cylinder, fed by a continuous roll of paper.
rotary-wing aircraft an aircraft such as a helicopter that is supported by an airfoil that rotates around a vertical axis.
rotate to cause to revolve around an axis. [5 definitions]
rotation the action of turning on or around an axis. [5 definitions]
rotation of crops a system planting different crops in a fixed, repeated order in the same field so that each successive crop restores soil nutrients that were absorbed by the previous one.
rotative of or characterized by rotation; rotating. [2 definitions]
rotator one that rotates. [2 definitions]
rotator cuff a group of muscles that cover the shoulder joint and control shoulder rotation.
rotatory of, pertaining to, producing, or characterized by rotation; rotary; rotating. [2 definitions]
rotavirus any of a genus (Rotavirus) of double-stranded RNA viruses causing a low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, esp. in infants and young children.
ROTC abbreviation of "Reserve Officers' Training Corps."
rote unthinking or mechanical routine or habit. [3 definitions]