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roughshod shod with horseshoes that have projecting metal points or nails, to prevent slipping.
rough trade (slang) a tough, sadistic homosexual male hired or picked up for sex, or all such persons collectively.
roulade a small, thin slice of meat rolled around a filling and cooked. [2 definitions]
roulette a gambling game in which the players wager on which slot on a revolving wheel a ball will fall into when the wheel stops spinning. [3 definitions]
Roumania see Rumania.
round having a circular or spherical shape. [24 definitions]
roundabout circuitous; indirect. [2 definitions]
round dance a folk dance performed by a circle of dancers. [2 definitions]
round down to reduce a number to its nearest whole number, or to reduce a number to the nearest number that ends in zero.
rounded having a curved shape; made round. [2 definitions]
roundel something round or circular. [3 definitions]
roundelay a poem or song in which the refrain is repeated often and at regular intervals.
rounder that which rounds, such as a tool that rounds off corners. [3 definitions]
Roundhead an adherent of the Parliamentary or Puritan party during the English civil war in the seventeenth century.
roundhouse a circular building containing a turntable, used for servicing and repairing locomotives. [3 definitions]
roundly in a round manner, or in the shape of a round object. [2 definitions]
round number a number given in terms of the nearest whole number, or given in the nearest tens, hundreds, or the like. The number 50 is a round number for 47.
round off to change a number to a number that is close to it but that ends in zero.
round out to bring to completion or perfection.
round robin an athletic contest or tournament in which each participant has a turn competing with every other one. [2 definitions]
round-shouldered having the shoulders and upper back bent forward; hunched.