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sadism a psychiatric disorder in which sexual pleasure is derived from inflicting pain or humiliation, or from watching suffering. [2 definitions]
sadly in a manner that exhibits or expresses sadness. [3 definitions]
sadness the state, condition, or quality of being sad, unhappy, or regretful.
sadomasochism the deriving of pleasure, esp. of sexual gratification, from either inflicting pain or suffering pain, or both.
sad sack (informal) a hopelessly inept, hapless person.
safari an expedition for observing or hunting large animals, esp. in Africa. [2 definitions]
safe providing security from harm, loss, or danger. [9 definitions]
safe-conduct the privilege of passing unmolested through a particular region, such as a contested area in wartime, or the document or escort authorizing such passage. [2 definitions]
safecracking the act, craft, or technique of breaking open a locked safe, usu. in order to steal its contents.
safe-deposit of or designating secure storage for valuable items, as in a bank vault or lockbox; safety deposit.
safeguard a person, thing, or action that serves to protect or defend; means of maintaining safety. [2 definitions]
safe house a dwelling used by a spy agency, underground organization, or the like as a refuge for its members, or by a police organization to protect witnesses whose impending testimony endangers their lives.
safekeeping the act of keeping something safe. [2 definitions]
safelight a darkroom light with a colored filter that does not affect photographic film or paper.
safely without being harmed.
safety the condition of being safe from danger. [4 definitions]
safety belt a protective harness that fits across the lap and often the chest of a passenger or operator of an automobile, airplane, or the like; seat belt. [2 definitions]
safety deposit see "safe-deposit."
safety glass glass made of two layers separated by a sheet of clear plastic or the like to prevent the glass from shattering into pieces.
safety lamp a miner's lamp that has a protective wire gauze around the flame to keep it from igniting gases present in a mine.
safety match a match designed to ignite only when scratched against a chemically treated friction surface.