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saint one who has died and been formally recognized by the Roman Catholic or other Christian church as having lived a holy life or as having given one's life to God as a holy martyr; one who is considered by the Church to be worthy of veneration. (abbr.: St. or Ste.) [5 definitions]
Saint Agnes's Eve the night of January 20, on which, according to an old superstition, a woman might have a vision of her future husband.
Saint Andrew's cross a cross in the form of an X; saltire.
Saint Anthony's cross a cross in the form of a T; tau cross.
Saint Anthony's fire any of several inflammatory or gangrenous skin conditions, such as ergotism.
Saint Augustine a father and philosopher of the early Christian church (b.354--d.430 A.D.).
Saint Bernard a very large strong Swiss breed of dog with a massive head, a short muzzle, and a silky brown and white coat.
sainted canonized as a saint. [2 definitions]
Saint Elmo's fire a visible electrical discharge from a pointed object aloft, such as a ship's mast or church spire, sometimes seen during an electric storm.
Saint Francis of Assisi an Italian friar (b.1182?--d.1226).
sainthood the state or status of being a saint. [2 definitions]
Saint Joan of Arc a French military heroine and martyr (b.1412?--d.1431).
Saint Kitts and Nevis an independent state in the West Indies made up of the two islands Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Saint Lucia an island country of the West Indies near Barbados.
saintly befitting a saint.
Saint Nicholas a Greek bishop of the fourth century and Christian saint renowned for his giving of small gifts and from whose legend evolved the cultural figure of Santa Claus associated with the Christmas holiday (b. 270 A.D.?--d. 343 A.D.). [2 definitions]
Saint Nick (informal) shortened form of "Saint Nicholas"; in North American folklore, a chubby, jolly, bearded old fellow who embodies the charitable spirit of Christmas. He wears a red suit, lives at the North Pole, and brings children presents at Christmas; Santa Claus.
Saint Patrick's Day March 17, observed by the Irish in honor of the patron saint of Ireland.
Saint Thomas Aquinas an Italian Catholic theologian and philosopher (b.1225?--d.1274).
Saint Valentine's Day a holiday celebrated on February 14 of each year, observed mostly by the exchanging of tokens of affection or friendship; Valentine's Day.
Saint Vincent the main island of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, located in the West Indies in the Caribbean.