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salpingitis inflammation of one or both fallopian or eustachian tubes.
salpinx the fallopian or eustachian tube.
salsa a spicy sauce made with chili peppers and tomatoes, used in Latin American cuisine. [2 definitions]
salsify a European plant with purple flowers and an edible root that tastes like oysters.
sal soda a hydrated, crystallized sodium carbonate used esp. as a cleanser.
SALT acronym of "Strategic Arms Limitation Talks."
salt the white or colorless solid compound known chemically as sodium chloride and used chiefly for preserving and seasoning foods; a constituent of seawater. [10 definitions]
salt-and-pepper flecked black and white, as hair or cloth.
saltarello a lively Italian dance or the music for it.
saltation the act of leaping or dancing. [3 definitions]
saltatory of, pertaining to, characterized by, or adapted for leaping or jumping. [2 definitions]
salt-box a style of American house that has two stories in the front and a roof that slopes down over one rear story.
saltbush any of various plants of the goosefoot family that grow in saline or alkaline soil.
salt cake impure sodium sulfate, used in the manufacture of paper pulps, soaps, detergents, dyes, and ceramic glazes.
saltcellar a dish or shaker used to hold table salt.
salt dome a domelike structure produced in geologic strata by the intrusion of salt, often indicative of oil or gas deposits.
salted flavored, seasoned, or treated with salt.
salt grass any of various grasses that grow in salt marshes or alkaline soil.
saltimbocca an Italian dish consisting of slices of rolled ham or veal seasoned, usu. with sage, and sautéed in butter.
saltine a crisp, usu. square salted cracker.
Salt Lake City the capital of Utah.