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samosa an East Indian turnover consisting of curried vegetables, usu. potatoes and peas, wrapped in a thin dough and fried in oil.
samovar a metal urn with an internal heating device and a spigot used esp. in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union to heat water for tea.
Samoyed a member of a people inhabiting northwestern Siberia and the northeastern European coast of Russia. [3 definitions]
samp coarsely ground Indian corn or a porridge made of it.
sampan a small boat of the Far East, usu. flat-bottomed and propelled by one or two oars.
samphire a succulent herb that bears small clusters of yellowish flowers, growing mostly on rocky sea coasts. [2 definitions]
sample a representative part or fragment of a larger whole. [4 definitions]
sampler a piece of cloth embroidered with a design or saying, often as a display of skill in needlework. [3 definitions]
sampling the act or process of selecting a small representative set of things or persons from which an analysis of a whole group can be made; selection of a sample. [2 definitions]
samsara in Hinduism, the endless cycle of every soul's birth, death, and rebirth.
Samson according to the Old Testament, a judge of ancient Israel famed for his great strength, of which he was deprived when the Philistine Delilah cut off his hair.
Samuel according to the Old Testament, a judge and prophet of Israel in the eleventh century B.C. who was instrumental in establishing Saul as the first king of the Jews. [2 definitions]
Samuel Johnson an English author, lexicographer, and critic (b.1709--d.1784).
Samuel Langhorne Clemens U.S. author and humorist who wrote under the pen name Mark Twain (b.1835--d.1910).
Samuel Morse a U.S. artist and inventor (b.1791--d.1872).
samurai a member of the elite military class of feudal Japan. [2 definitions]
-san in Japanese, Mr. or Mrs. (used at the end of a name to show respect).
San'a the capital of Yemen.
sanative having curative or healing powers.
sanatorium a professional establishment for the care and treatment of recuperating patients or patients suffering from chronic diseases. [2 definitions]
Sancerre a dry French white wine from the upper Loire valley.