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sanitize to rid of germs or dirt; make sanitary.
sanity the state or quality of being sane. [2 definitions]
San Josť the capital of Costa Rica.
San Jose scale a type of scale insect that destroys fruit trees and other plants.
San Juan the seaport capital of Puerto Rico.
sank past tense of sink.
Sankhya a system of philosophy, practiced by Hindus, that is based on the dualism of spirit and matter.
San Marino a small country within eastern Italy, or its capital.
sannyasi a Hindu monk.
sans without.
San Salvador the capital of El Salvador. [2 definitions]
sans-culotte a member of the poorly dressed revolutionary army in the French Revolution. [2 definitions]
sans doute (French) without a doubt; certainly.
Sansei (sometimes l.c.) an American-born grandchild of a Japanese who immigrated to the United States or Canada. (See Issei, Kibei, Nisei.)
sansevieria any of several related tropical houseplants with stiff, thick, sword-shaped leaves.
Sanskrit an ancient Indic language that is the classic literary language of India and an important basis for the development of comparative Indo-European linguistics.
sans serif a style of print type without serifs.
sans souci without worry (French); carefree.
Santa Claus in North American folklore, a chubby, jolly, bearded old fellow who embodies the charitable spirit of Christmas. He wears a red suit, lives at the North Pole, and brings children presents at Christmas; St. Nicholas; St. Nick; Kriss Kringle.
Santa Fe the capital of New Mexico.
Santiago the capital of Chile.