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sapiential having or offering wisdom.
sapling a young tree.
sapodilla a large tropical American evergreen that yields an edible fruit and a latex from which chicle is obtained. [2 definitions]
saponaceous like soap; soapy.
saponify to make soap of (a fat). [4 definitions]
saponin any of a group of glycosides that form an emulsion in water and are used in detergents.
saponite a hydrous silicate of aluminum and magnesium that is found as a soft, soapy filling in cavities of certain rocks.
sapor the quality in a substance that is perceptible to the sense of taste; flavor; savor.
sappanwood a tree native to India whose wood yields a red dye. [2 definitions]
sapper one who digs saps or does similar field excavation for military purposes.
Sapphic of or pertaining to Sappho. [3 definitions]
sapphire a precious gemstone that is usu. deep blue. [2 definitions]
sapphirine of, resembling, or consisting of sapphire. [3 definitions]
sapphism lesbianism.
Sappho a Greek female poet (early sixth century B.C.).
sappy full of or covered with sap. [3 definitions]
sapremia a type of blood poisoning; septicemia.
saprobic of or relating to organisms that are able to live in highly polluted water. [2 definitions]
saprogenic producing or produced by decay or decomposition.
sapropel black aquatic sludge deposited in some bodies of water as the result of the decay of organic matter.
saprophyte an organism, usu. a plant, that survives by consuming dead or decaying organic matter.