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Saskatchewan a south central Canadian province on the U.S. border between Alberta and Manitoba.
sasquatch (sometimes cap.) a large hairy creature in human form, alleged to live in northwestern North America; bigfoot.
sass rude, disrespectful talk; impudence. [2 definitions]
sassaby a large African antelope with a black back and face and curved horns.
sassafras a North American tree that bears yellow flowers and blue-black berrylike fruit. [2 definitions]
sassy outspokenly disrespectful; impudent.
sassy bark the bark of the African sassywood tree that is used as a poison in trial by ordeal.
SAT abbreviation of "Scholastic Aptitude Test."
Sat. abbreviation of "Saturday," the seventh day of the week, occurring between Friday and the beginning of another week on Sunday.
sat past tense and past participle of sit.
Satan in Christian theology and Judaism, the embodiment of evil, adversary of humans, and rival of God, usu. identified with the fallen angel Lucifer; the Devil.
satang the smaller monetary unit of Thailand. (Cf. baht.)
satanic relating to or characteristic of Satan. [2 definitions]
Satanism the worship of Satan, esp. in a cult whose rituals distort and mock Christian worship.
satchel a small bag, often with a shoulder strap, used to carry books and other small articles.
sate to fill or satisfy (a hunger, or a person who has an appetite); satiate. [2 definitions]
sateen a glossy cotton or linen fabric that resembles satin.
satellite a heavenly body that revolves around a planet or other larger body; moon. [5 definitions]
satellite dish a dish antenna designed to receive and transmit electromagnetic signals relayed by satellite, commonly used to receive television signals broadcast by satellite.
satiable capable of being fully satisfied or satiated.
satiate to satisfy completely, as a hunger or desire. [3 definitions]