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satiate to satisfy completely, as a hunger or desire. [3 definitions]
satiety the condition of being completely full or satisfied, often to excess; glut.
satin a smooth fabric that is shiny on one side and dull on the other. [2 definitions]
satinwood the smooth, hard, yellowish wood of a Southeast Asian tree, often used to make furniture. [3 definitions]
satire a literary or dramatic work that ridicules or derides human vice or foolishness, usu. through the use of parody or irony. [3 definitions]
satirical of, concerning, containing, or marked by satire. [2 definitions]
satirist one who engages in or writes satire.
satirize to portray as being ridiculous by using satire; deride or attack with satire.
satisfaction a feeling of fulfillment; pleasurable fullness and completion. [5 definitions]
satisfactory affording or giving enough to satisfy; adequate.
satisfied content. [3 definitions]
satisfy to fulfill or gratify the needs or expectations of. [5 definitions]
satisfying causing a feeling of having one's needs, hopes, or expectations fulfilled.
satori in Zen Buddhism, spiritual enlightenment.
satrap the governor of a province of the ancient Persian Empire. [2 definitions]
satrapy the province or dependency controlled by a satrap.
Satsuma a type of ornately glazed Japanese pottery. [2 definitions]
saturable capable of saturation.
saturate to fill or soak so completely that nothing more can be absorbed. [6 definitions]
saturation the condition of being filled, soaked, or unable to absorb further. [2 definitions]
saturation point the limit beyond which no further absorption can occur. [2 definitions]