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scathing harshly condemning; brutal. [2 definitions]
scatology extreme interest in excretion, excrement, or obscenity. [3 definitions]
scatter to cause to separate in all directions; disperse. [6 definitions]
scatterbrain someone unable to organize, concentrate on, or remember things; flighty person.
scattering going in many different directions; separating. [4 definitions]
scatter rug a small rug, usu. placed as needed on a bare floor, as in front of a chair or outer door.
scattershot broadly indiscriminate; random.
scaup either of two wild diving ducks of North America, the males of which have a blackish head and tail and a whitish back.
scavenge to look through in the hope of finding something usable. [4 definitions]
scavenger a person or thing that scavenges, esp. an animal that eats decaying flesh.
scavenger hunt a game in which persons or teams are sent out to acquire various items without buying them, the winner being whoever does so first.
scenario a detailed outline or summary of a play, film, or book. [3 definitions]
scene the place where any event occurs. [8 definitions]
scenery surrounding land as it appears to a viewer; landscape. [2 definitions]
scenic of, pertaining to, or showing natural, beautiful scenery. [3 definitions]
scent a characteristic odor, esp. a pleasant one. [7 definitions]
scented with scent added; perfumed.
scentless combined form of scent.
scepter a ceremonial staff that symbolizes a monarch's power. [3 definitions]
sceptic variant of skeptic.
schadenfreude (often cap.) pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.