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schadenfreude (often cap.) pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
schedule a plan of activity organized by units of time. [5 definitions]
schefflera an ornamental plant with glossy leaflets arranged in an umbrellalike structure.
Scheherazade in The Arabian Nights, a woman who escapes execution nightly by telling an unresolved tale to the Sultan.
schema a diagram or general outline.
schematic of, pertaining to, or formed like an outline or diagram. [2 definitions]
scheme a devious plan; plot. [5 definitions]
scheming tending to plan sneaky or clever actions, esp. for one's own advantage.
Schenck v. United States the U.S. Supreme Court case decided in 1919 that upheld the criminal conviction of the defendant for violation of the Espionage Act of 1917. In the majority opinion, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. argued that speech aimed to undermine military or naval operations during wartime presented a "clear and present danger" to the security of the country.
scherzando in a light, playful manner (used as a musical direction).
scherzo a joyful and energetic musical movement.
Schick test a medical test to determine susceptibility to diphtheria.
schiller a metallic luster shown by certain minerals, caused by the diffraction of light in crystal.
schilling formerly, the chief monetary unit of Austria, equaling one hundred groschen.
schism a division into factions with opposing beliefs, esp. in a Christian church.
schismatic of, pertaining to, or characteristic of schism. [2 definitions]
schist any of several metamorphic rocks made up of thin, roughly parallel mineral layers that split easily.
schistosomiasis a chronic, usu. tropical disease caused by an infestation of certain worm parasites, and producing disorders of the liver, bladder, lungs, or central nervous system.
schizo- split; fission.
schizocarp a dry fruit, as of the maple. that splits into two or more single-seed carpels that do not split open.
schizoid pertaining to or having a personality disorder marked by passiveness, withdrawal, and indifference to social relationships. [3 definitions]