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sciolism superficial knowledge or familiarity, used as a basis for scholarly pretensions.
scion an offspring or heir. [2 definitions]
scire facias in law, a judicial writ requiring a party to show cause why a judicial record should not be enforced, repealed, or annulled. [2 definitions]
scission the act or result of cutting, dividing, or splitting; fission.
scissor to cut with, or as with, a pair of scissors. [2 definitions]
scissors (sometimes used with a singular verb) a tool for cutting paper, fabric, or the like, made up of two blades joined with a pivot so their edges may be opened and closed. [2 definitions]
scissors hold a wrestling hold that uses the legs as a clamp.
scissors kick a swimming kick, as in the sidestroke, in which the legs are parted, one forward and one back, and then brought together forcefully.
scissortail a large flycatcher of the southwestern United States, and Central and South America, that has a gray body, salmon-pink sides and wing linings, and a long, deeply forked tail.
sclera the tough fibrous white or blue-white tissue that covers all of the eyeball except the part covered by the cornea.
sclerenchyma supportive or protective plant tissue consisting of thick-walled dead cells, as in a nutshell.
sclero- hard.
scleroderma autoimmune disease resulting in thickening of the skin and, in some cases, visceral organs.
sclerosis a diseased condition marked by a hardening or thickening of soft tissue, as of the walls of an artery.
sclerotic of or afflicted by sclerosis. [2 definitions]
scoff to speak with mild scorn or derision (often fol. by "at"). [2 definitions]
scofflaw one who habitually flouts or ignores laws or fails to pay penalties such as traffic fines.
scold to speak to with angry disapproval; reprimand; chastise. [3 definitions]
scollop variant of scallop.
sconce1 an ornamental wall bracket for a candle or light.
sconce2 a small fortification, as to protect a bridge or the like. [2 definitions]