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screech owl any of various small American owls that have hornlike ear tufts and a harsh screeching cry.
screed a tiresomely long speech or essay; diatribe. [2 definitions]
screen a closely woven wire mesh used to filter liquid or grains or to keep insects from entering through windows. [9 definitions]
screenable combined form of screen.
screen door an outer door consisting of a frame fitted with fine wire or plastic mesh to keep insects out.
screening fine mesh material used for making window screens. [3 definitions]
screen memory in psychoanalysis, a recollection of early childhood that seems significant but actually masks a more profound related memory that remains repressed.
screen pass in football, a quick, short forward pass to a receiver who is behind or just beyond the line of scrimmage.
screenplay the scenario or script of a motion picture.
screen saver a small program that takes over a computer's screen and substitutes a decorative image if the computer has not been used for a set length of time. Screen savers were first used to prevent damage to computer screens but are now mainly used for decoration.
screenshot in computing, a picture of all that is currently showing on one's computer or phone screen, created by the computer itself in response to an instruction by the user. [2 definitions]
screenwriter one who writes or adapts a script for a movie.
screw a fastener, usu. metal, having a sometimes tapered shank with a helical thread, driven into a surface by applying pressure to the head while turning it. [17 definitions]
screwball (slang) a person considered eccentric or irrational. [3 definitions]
screw bean a mesquite tree of the southwestern United States that bears spirally twisted pods. [2 definitions]
screwdriver a tool for turning a screw, consisting of a shank that fits the head of the screw and a handle or mechanism for turning the shank. [2 definitions]
screwed up (informal) not working properly; broken. [4 definitions]
screw eye a screw with a loop or eyelet for a head.
screw hook a screw with an elongated head in the shape of a hook.
screw propeller two or more blades mounted on a hub so that, when rotated, they push air or water backward to give an aircraft or ship forward thrust; propeller.
screw thread the continuous helical ridge or groove on the outer surface of a screw or the inner surface of a nut.