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scriptwriter one who writes or adapts scripts, esp. for film or television.
scrivener formerly, one employed as a clerk or copyist; scribe.
scrod young haddock or Atlantic cod, used for food.
scrofula lymphatic tuberculosis, characterized by swollen glands, esp. in the neck, and inflammation of the joints and respiratory membranes.
scrofulous afflicted with scrofula. [2 definitions]
scroll a roll of parchment, papyrus, or the like, esp. one with writing on it. [4 definitions]
scroll saw a narrow, ribbonlike, vertically mounted saw used for cutting curves and irregular shapes in wood.
scrollwork decorative work, esp. that made in wood with a scroll saw.
scrooch (informal) to huddle or crouch (often fol. by "down").
Scrooge the main character in Charles Dickens's nineteenth-century fable A Christmas Carol, who, as a result of visits from several spirits, changes from a hard-hearted miser to a generous employer and philanthropist. [2 definitions]
scrotum in most mammals, the external sac of skin containing the testicles.
scrounge to seek out and gather, esp. by salvaging scraps (often fol. by "up" or "together"). [5 definitions]
scroungy shabby; slovenly.
scrub1 to clean by rubbing hard, often with a stiff brush or other abrasive cleaning tool. [6 definitions]
scrub2 a low or stunted shrub or tree, or such plants collectively, or a large area covered with such growth. [6 definitions]
scrubber a device that removes pollutants from smoke or gas. [3 definitions]
scrubby stunted in growth, as scrub. [3 definitions]
scrub typhus an acute infectious disease of Asia that is transmitted by a mite larva and characterized by fever, rash, skin lesions, and painful swelling of the lymph glands.
scruff the back of the neck; nape.
scruffy ragged-looking or untidy.
scrum a rugby play in which the forward players of each team mass together around the ball and try to kick it to teammates in the rear. [2 definitions]