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seabed the floor of an ocean or sea.
Seabee a member of the Civil Engineer Corps of the U.S. Navy that constructs harbor facilities, airfields, and the like (acronym for "Construction Battalion").
sea bird a bird that lives on or near the sea, such as a gull or albatross.
sea biscuit hardtack or ship biscuit.
seaboard a region along a seacoast.
seaborne carried on, over, or by the sea.
sea breeze a breeze that blows inland from the sea.
sea change any striking transformation or alteration, often an improvement. [2 definitions]
seacoast land that borders on the sea; seashore.
seacock a valve in the hull of a ship that controls the flow of outside water into the hull.
sea cow a large vegetarian sea mammal with flipperlike forelimbs, a blunt snout, and large lips, such as a dugong or manatee.
sea cucumber an echinoderm that has a long, leathery, cucumber-shaped body with a cluster of tentacles surrounding the mouth at one end.
sea dog an old experienced sailor. [2 definitions]
sea elephant an elephant seal.
seafarer someone who works on a seagoing boat; sailor. [2 definitions]
seafaring traveling by sea. [4 definitions]
sea feather any of several anthozoans that have a featherlike shape.
seafloor see "seabed."
seafloor spreading the creation of new oceanic crust formed by an upward flow and outward spread of magma along mid-ocean ridges.
seafood any sea animal that is served as food or is suitable for eating.
sea front a part of a town or city on the edge of the sea, esp. a resort; waterfront.