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seduce to lead into a course of action not considered proper or moral; corrupt. [3 definitions]
seducement see seduction.
seducer one that seduces, esp. a man who seduces a woman sexually.
seduction an act or instance of seducing. [3 definitions]
seductive tending to seduce; enticing; tempting; beguiling.
seductress a woman who seduces, esp. sexually.
sedulous steady and persistent in an action or duty; diligent.
sedum any of numerous fleshy perennial plants that often grow on walls and rocks and that bear white, yellow, or pink flowers.
see1 to perceive or observe with one's eyes. [16 definitions]
see2 the official seat of authority of a bishop.
Seebeck effect a method of producing an electric current in a circuit with sections made of unlike materials that are caused to have different temperatures. [2 definitions]
seed the small part of a flowering plant that is capable of growing into a new plant. [9 definitions]
seedbed a plot of land prepared for planting seeds. [2 definitions]
seedcase any fruit containing seeds, esp. a dry, hollow one; seed vessel.
seeder a person or machine that plants or scatters seeds. [2 definitions]
seed fern a fernlike Paleozoic plant, now extinct, that bore naked seeds upon its leaves.
seed leaf see cotyledon.
seedless combined form of seed.
seedling a tree or plant grown from a seed. [2 definitions]
seed money money required or provided to begin a new project.
seed oyster a very young oyster, esp. one used in transplanting an oyster bed.