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self-described combined form of described.
self-description combined form of description.
self-descriptive combined form of descriptive.
self-destruct to kill or destroy oneself or itself. [2 definitions]
self-destruction the act or process, or an instance, of destroying oneself or itself. [2 definitions]
self-destructive damaging or destructive to oneself. [2 definitions]
self-determination the freedom to make decisions for oneself without external pressure or influence. [2 definitions]
self-development combined form of development.
self-devouring combined form of devouring.
self-differentiation combined form of differentiation.
self-directed combined form of directed.
self-directing combined form of directing.
self-direction combined form of direction.
self-directive combined form of directive.
self-discipline regulation or control of oneself, esp. as a means of improving one's skill, knowledge, or the like.
self-discovery the act or process of coming to know or understand oneself, as regarding one's true needs and wants, one's identity, or one's vocation.
self-disgust combined form of disgust.
self-dissatisfaction combined form of dissatisfaction.
self-doubt a lack of confidence or belief in oneself or one's abilities.
self-educated educated by one's own efforts, rather than by formal instruction.
self-educating combined form of educating.