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semicolon a punctuation mark (;) used to separate independent clauses within a sentence, indicating a less distinct break than that marked by a period, or used to separate clauses or phrases containing commas.
semiconductor a crystalline material such as silicon or germanium that conducts electricity under certain conditions, but not as effectively as metals do.
semiconscious not entirely conscious; half-conscious.
semidetached partly separate or detached; attached on only one side, as two houses sharing a common wall.
semi-detached (chiefly British) a house that is joined to another by a shared wall.
semifinal designating the next-to-last game or match. [2 definitions]
semifinalist one, esp. an athlete, that is qualified to take part in a semifinal contest.
semifluid having characteristics of both a solid and a liquid; thick but able to flow; viscous. [2 definitions]
semiformal partly formal; suitable for an occasion that is more than informal and less than formal.
semihard somewhat hard.
semiliterate able to read and write on an elementary level. [3 definitions]
semimonthly occurring or being issued twice every month. [3 definitions]
seminal of seed or of semen. [3 definitions]
seminar a small class at a university, usually for advanced students, for study and discussion. [2 definitions]
seminary a religious school for preparing and educating men and women for work in ministry.
seminiferous carrying or containing semen. [2 definitions]
Seminole a member of a North American Indian tribe that was originally a Creek tribe and is now located in Florida and Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
semiofficial having some official authority.
semiology the study of signs.
semiotic of or concerning signs and symbols, esp. in language. [2 definitions]
semiotics (used with a sing. verb) in philosophy, a theory of signs and symbols, esp. as they are used in language.