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semiotics (used with a sing. verb) in philosophy, a theory of signs and symbols, esp. as they are used in language.
semipermeable able to be penetrated by certain substances but not others, as a membrane.
semiprecious of gems, classed as less valuable than diamonds, rubies, or the like.
semiprivate of hospital rooms, shared by two or three people.
semipro (informal) of athletes, paid for playing part time; semiprofessional.
semiprofessional of an athlete, paid for playing part time. [2 definitions]
semiquaver in music, a sixteenth note.
semirigid somewhat rigid, esp. as a kind of aircraft with a rigid internal keel but whose shape is held by gas pressure.
semiskilled requiring some training, but not as much as for skilled jobs or crafts.
semisoft somewhat soft but easily sliced, as some cheese.
semisolid neither solid nor liquid, as a gelatin. [2 definitions]
semisynthetic produced by chemical modification of a natural substance.
Semite a member of any of several peoples of southwestern Asia, including Hebrews and Arabs and, formerly, Phoenicians and Assyrians. [2 definitions]
Semitic a major branch of the Afroasiatic languages that includes Akkadian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Ethiopic. [2 definitions]
Semitism the customs, manners, and ideas characteristic of the Semites, esp. the Jews. [2 definitions]
semitone a half tone in the diatonic scale.
semitrailer a freight-hauling trailer that is supported at the front by the tractor cab that pulls it.
semitropical somewhat or partly tropical; subtropical.
semivowel a sound like a vowel sound that is indicated by a consonant, such as the sound of "w" or an initial "y," as in "yell".
semiweekly issued, done, or occurring twice a week. [3 definitions]
semiyearly issued, done, or occurring twice a year; semiannual. [2 definitions]