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seven seas (sometimes cap.) all seven oceans of the world.
seventeen the number represented by the Arabic numeral 17 and by the Roman numeral XVII. [3 definitions]
seventeenth indicating rank or position between sixteenth and eighteenth. [3 definitions]
seventeen-year locust a cicada of the eastern United States that lives as a larva in the soil for thirteen to seventeen years before emerging for a short adult life.
seventh indicating rank or position between sixth and eighth. [4 definitions]
seventh-day (often cap.) denoting certain Christian denominations that observe the Sabbath on Saturday.
seventh heaven a state of intense joy or perfect happiness; bliss. [2 definitions]
seventieth indicating rank or position between sixty-ninth and seventy-first. [3 definitions]
seventy the number represented by the Arabic numeral 70 and by the Roman numeral LXX. [5 definitions]
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World a list first compiled in the 2nd century B.C.E. of seven remarkable constructions of classical antiquity.
sever to cut away (a section) from a whole. [4 definitions]
severable combined form of sever.
several being more than two or three but not as large in number as to say "many." [4 definitions]
severally separately; individually. [2 definitions]
severance the act, process, or result of severing; breaking off; separation.
severance pay an extra amount of money, usu. dependent on length of time employed, that is given to employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.
severe extremely strict; harsh; rigid. [4 definitions]
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome an atypical pneumonia that has a mortality rate of approximately 10 percent, often referred to by its acronym "SARS." A major outbreak occurred in 2003.
severely to a very serious degree. [2 definitions]
severity degree of difficulty, pain, injury, or unpleasantness that is caused or potentially caused; seriousness. [4 definitions]
seviche a Latin American seafood dish containing raw fish or shellfish marinated in lime juice with chilies, chopped tomatoes, and herbs.