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shaman among certain native Asian and North American peoples, a priest or healer believed to have exclusive contact with the supernatural.
shamanism a religion native to northern Asia based on a belief in supernatural spirits that can be contacted by shamans. [2 definitions]
shamble to walk slowly, unsteadily, or awkwardly. [2 definitions]
shambles (construed as sing. or pl.) a place or condition of disarray or destruction.
shame emotional pain brought about by the knowledge that one has done something wrong, embarrassing, or disgraceful. [8 definitions]
shamefaced expressing shame; showing embarrassment. [2 definitions]
shameful causing or deserving shame or disgrace. [3 definitions]
shameless lacking a sense of guilt or embarrassment; immodest. [2 definitions]
shamisen a Japanese musical instrument similar to the guitar or banjo but with a longer neck and only three strings, which are plucked with a plectrum.
shammy variant of chamois. [2 definitions]
shampoo a soap or detergent solution used to cleanse the hair. [4 definitions]
shamrock any of several cloverlike plants having leaves with three distinct parts, used as Ireland's national emblem.
Shang Dynasty the second Chinese dynasty, in power for approximately six hundred years, starting in the late eighteenth or seventeenth century B.C.E. (exact dates contested).
Shanghai a seaport in eastern China. [2 definitions]
shanghai to trick or kidnap and then force into service, esp. as a sailor.
Shangri-la any remote, secret, or imaginary utopia or paradise on earth.
shank a human leg, or the section of one between the ankle and knee. [3 definitions]
shan't contracted form of "shall not."
shantey variant of chantey.
shantung a heavy, natural-colored silk fabric with a rough surface, or a similar-looking fabric made from cotton or rayon.
shanty1 a crudely constructed cabin or house; shack.