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shellbark the shagbark.
-shelled having (such) a shell.
shellfire the firing of artillery shells.
shellfish an aquatic invertebrate animal that has a shell, esp. an edible animal such as a clam, oyster, or lobster.
shell game a game like thimblerig in which inverted shells, inside of one of which a small object is apparently hidden, are moved around quickly and onlookers bet on which shell contains the object. [2 definitions]
shell out (informal) to pay, esp. reluctantly.
shellproof protected from or invulnerable to shells or bombs.
shell shock any of several neuroses resulting from traumatic experiences in war or combat.
shelter a place, such as a structure, that provides protection from danger, weather, or the like; refuge. [7 definitions]
sheltered workshop a workshop where handicapped persons work for wages and often receive job training in an environment devoid of the usual pressures of a job.
shelterless combined form of shelter.
shelter tent a small tent, usu. for two persons, that is assembled from two halves fastened together.
sheltie (informal) a Shetland pony, or a Shetland sheepdog.
shelve to put on a shelf or shelves. [3 definitions]
shelves pl. of shelf.
shelving a group of shelves, or shelves collectively. [3 definitions]
Shema a principal Jewish prayer, recited at every religious service, that declares the unity of God.
Shemite variant of Semite.
shenanigan (informal; often pl.) an amusing, mischievous, or treacherous prank or other action.
Sheol according to the Old Testament, a place deep within the earth that is the abode of the dead.
shepherd a person who herds and watches over sheep at pasture. [3 definitions]