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shepherd a person who herds and watches over sheep at pasture. [3 definitions]
shepherd dog any of various dogs that guard or herd sheep; sheepdog.
shepherd's pie a dish of ground or diced meat baked with a crust or layering of mashed potatoes.
shepherd's-purse a weed that bears small white cross-shaped flowers and pods that resemble purses or pouches.
Sheraton of, concerning, or designating an eighteenth-century style of furniture featuring straight lines and simple classical decoration.
sherbet a frozen dessert, usu. flavored with fruit juice and made with milk, egg whites, or gelatin.
sherif an Arab ruler, chief, or prince. [3 definitions]
sheriff the chief law-enforcement official of a county or similar governmental unit. [2 definitions]
Sherlock Holmes a fictional detective hero in many late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century short stories and novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is described as having extraordinary powers of observation and deduction. [2 definitions]
Sherpa a member of a Tibetan people living in Nepal who are known for their expertise in mountain climbing. [2 definitions]
sherry an amber-colored wine to which brandy has been added.
she's contracted form of "she is," or contracted form of "she has."
Shetland Islands a group of islands that are part of Scotland lying northeast of Great Britain.
Shetland pony any of a breed of very small but strongly built ponies native to the Shetland Islands.
Shevat the fifth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late January through early February in the Gregorian calendar.
shewbread in ancient Israel, twelve loaves of blessed unleavened bread offered to God every Sabbath by Hebrew priests in the sanctuary of the Tabernacle; showbread.
sheweth (archaic) shows.
she-wolf a female wolf.
shew'th (archaic) shows (contracted form of "sheweth").
Shiah the Shiites, the main minority sect of Islam. [2 definitions]
shiatsu a Japanese method of massage that uses the principles of acupressure.