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Shevat the fifth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late January through early February in the Gregorian calendar.
shewbread in ancient Israel, twelve loaves of blessed unleavened bread offered to God every Sabbath by Hebrew priests in the sanctuary of the Tabernacle; showbread.
sheweth (archaic) shows.
she-wolf a female wolf.
shew'th (archaic) shows (contracted form of "sheweth").
Shiah the Shiites, the main minority sect of Islam. [2 definitions]
shiatsu a Japanese method of massage that uses the principles of acupressure.
shibboleth a slogan, phrase, or belief that characterizes or is held devotedly by a group. [2 definitions]
shied past tense and past participle of shy1.
shield a piece of protective armor, made of any of various tough materials, usu. worn on the forearm to ward off missiles or blows from hand weapons. [7 definitions]
shier a comparative of shy1.
shiest a superlative of shy1.
shift to change position or direction, or to move from one place to another. [12 definitions]
shiftable combined form of shift.
shiftless having little or no purpose or ambition; lazy.
shifty not sincere, honest, or trustworthy; evasive or tricky. [2 definitions]
Shih Tzu any of a breed of very small dog native to China, having long hair, a short muzzle, and a hairy tail that curves forward.
Shiite a member of the Shiah sect of Islam, which does not accept the Sunna as authoritative and considers Muhammad's son-in-law Ali to be the legitimate successor to Muhammad. (Cf. Sunnite.)
shikari in India, a person who hunts large game, esp. one who serves as a professional guide.
shiksa (usu. derogatory) a non-Jewish woman or girl.
shill an accomplice of a swindler or vendor, who feigns an enthusiastic interest in the goods or deal being offered in order to convince unsuspecting customers to buy or enter into the deal.