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shoofly a child's rocker mounted between two supports that are shaped like animals.
shoo-in (informal) one regarded as certain to win an election, horse race, or other competition.
shook1 past tense of shake.
shook2 collectively, the parts used to assemble a barrel or box. [2 definitions]
shoot to hit, wound, destroy, or kill with a gun, arrow, or other missile. [19 definitions]
shoot from the hip (informal) to do or say without thought or consideration.
shooting an act of firing a gun at one or more persons. [2 definitions]
shooting gallery any place designed for target practice, such as a target range.
shooting star a chunk of extraterrestrial matter that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor. [2 definitions]
shooting stick a portable device consisting of a seat mounted on one end of a canelike stick with a spike at the other end, used esp. by spectators at golf tournaments and the like.
shoot-out a confrontation involving shooting, as between police and criminals; gunfight. [2 definitions]
shop a small retail store. [4 definitions]
shopgirl a female clerk or salesperson.
shopkeeper a person who manages or owns a shop.
shoplift to steal goods from a store while posing as a customer.
shoplifter a person who steals goods from a store while pretending to be a customer.
shoppe shop (used mainly on store signs to suggest old-fashioned quaintness).
shopper a person who goes shopping. [4 definitions]
shopping the activity of looking for and buying goods in a store.
shopping bag a large, strong bag with handles, used for carrying purchases.
shopping center a group or complex of stores, often with other businesses such as restaurants, that have a common parking area.