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sidewalk a paved walkway along the side of a street or road.
sidewall the side of an automobile tire between the tread and the wheel rim.
sideward moving or directed toward one side. [2 definitions]
sideway sideways.
sideways from, to, or toward the side. [3 definitions]
side-wheel of a steamboat, having a paddle wheel on each side.
side whiskers long whiskers worn down the sides of a man's face.
sidewinder a small rattlesnake found in the southwestern United States and Mexico that moves over sand by projecting its body forward in sideways loops. [3 definitions]
siding material for covering the outside walls of a frame building. [2 definitions]
sidle to advance sideways, esp. furtively. [2 definitions]
SIDS acronym of "sudden infant death syndrome," the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant, usu. occurring within the first year of life, and usu. occurring in the infant's sleep; crib death.
siege a military maneuver in which a fortification, such as a city or a fort, is surrounded, subjected to attack, and cut off from supplies or reinforcements in order to bring about complete surrender. [3 definitions]
siege mentality an abnormal state of mind in which one feels besieged by hostile external forces.
Siegfried in Germanic legend and in The Nibelungenlied, a hero who wins the treasure of the Nibelungs and kills the dragon.
Siegfried line a series of fortifications constructed by Germany along its western frontier before World War II.
sienna a natural pigment of iron and manganese oxides that is yellowish brown, or reddish brown when roasted.
sierra a chain of mountains or hills that have rugged peaks suggestive of saw teeth. [2 definitions]
Sierra Leone a West African country on the Atlantic between Guinea and Liberia.
Sierra Nevada a mountain range in eastern California (often referred to as "the Sierra Nevadas"). [2 definitions]
siesta a rest or nap, esp. in Spanish-speaking countries, during the hottest afternoon hours following the midday meal.
sieve a utensil with a wire mesh or finely perforated bottom, used as a strainer or to sift or purée solids. [2 definitions]