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sky blue a color like that of a clear daytime sky; light to pale blue; azure.
skycap a baggage porter at an airline terminal.
skydive (informal) to jump or dive from an airplane and perform various acrobatic stunts before opening one's parachute, done as a sport or for exhibition.
sky diving the sport of jumping from an airplane and performing body maneuvers before opening the parachute.
sky-high extremely or extravagantly high. [2 definitions]
skyjack to take control of (an airplane), esp. in flight, by force or threats, usu. to coerce the pilot to fly to an unscheduled destination; hijack.
skylark either of two larks, found in Europe and Asia, that are known for singing in flight. [2 definitions]
skylight a window in a roof or ceiling, used to admit light.
skyline the line formed by the apparent boundary between the earth and the sky; horizon. [2 definitions]
sky marshal a federal law enforcement officer assigned to prevent the hijacking of commercial airliners.
skyrocket a firework that shoots high in the air before exploding in a shower of brilliant, colored sparks. [2 definitions]
skysail the uppermost sail on the mainmast of a square-rigged ship.
skyscraper an extremely tall building.
skyward to or toward the sky. [2 definitions]
skyway a route for travel by air; air lane. [3 definitions]
skywrite to perform skywriting. [2 definitions]
skywriting the act, process, or method of tracing words or designs in the sky with a visible chemical vapor released from an airplane in flight. [2 definitions]
slab a flat, usu. wide and thick piece of some solid, such as rock or food. [3 definitions]
slack1 not tight or taut. [12 definitions]
slack2 the fragments and dust left after coal has been screened.
slacken to decrease activity, strength, speed, intensity, or the like. [2 definitions]