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sleep tight to sleep well or soundly.
sleepwalking the act of walking around during sleep; somnambulism.
sleepwear clothes worn in bed; nightclothes.
sleepy needing or tending to sleep; drowsy. [2 definitions]
sleepyhead (informal) someone who is sleepy.
sleet freezing rain. [2 definitions]
sleeve the part of a shirt, dress, or the like that covers the arm partly or completely. [3 definitions]
sleeveless combined form of sleeve.
sleigh a light, horse-drawn, open carriage on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice. [2 definitions]
sleight cleverness, as in deception; deftness.
sleight of hand skill with one's hands in confusing or deceiving onlookers, as in juggling or magic tricks; legerdemain.
slender of a person, attractively slim. [4 definitions]
slenderize to make, or cause to appear, slenderer. [2 definitions]
slept past tense and past participle of sleep.
sleuth a detective. [2 definitions]
sleuthhound a dog that detects tracks by smell; bloodhound.
slew1 past tense of slay.
slew2 variant of slue1.
slew3 variant of slough1.
slew4 (informal) a great number or large amount.
slice a broad and flat or wedge-shaped piece of a larger object. [11 definitions]