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snipe any of a variety of wading birds with long bills for digging. [5 definitions]
sniper a soldier who shoots at enemy troops from a concealed position. [2 definitions]
snippet a small piece or part; bit; fragment.
snippy (informal) brief and impolite; curt.
snit a condition of anger or agitation; fit (usu. prec. by "in" or "into").
snitch (informal) to steal (small items of little value); pilfer.
snivel to whine mournfully or tearfully. [4 definitions]
snob someone who admires and emulates those of a high social or intellectual class and acts or feels superior to anyone of a lower standing. [2 definitions]
snobbery the character, behavior, or act of a snob or snobs.
snood a hairnet, hat, or part of a hat that is worn at the back of a woman's head, esp. at the nape of her neck. [3 definitions]
snook any of several related marine fishes, esp. a basslike food and game fish of the tropical Atlantic.
snooker a type of pocket billiards that is played with fifteen red balls and six balls of other colors. [2 definitions]
snoop to pry into others' affairs or possessions, esp. in a sneaky way. [2 definitions]
snoot (informal) a nose or snout.
snooty (informal) snobbish or superior; haughty.
snooze (informal) to sleep, esp. for a short period of time; nap. [2 definitions]
snore to make loud, hoarse noises while sleeping, usu. caused by the vibration of the soft palate. [3 definitions]
snorkel a tube that is held in the mouth and extends above the surface of water, allowing a swimmer to breathe while slightly submerged. [3 definitions]
snort to breathe noisily and roughly by forcefully pushing air through the nose. [8 definitions]
snot (vulgar) nasal mucus. [2 definitions]
snotty soiled or covered with nasal mucus. [2 definitions]