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snow tire a tire made to give added traction on snow or ice.
snow-white white as snow; pure white.
snowy having snowfall. [4 definitions]
snowy owl a large arctic and subarctic migratory owl that is white with brown markings.
snub to ignore, esp. as a means of showing dissatisfaction, dislike, or contempt. [3 definitions]
snubby short and stumpy or snub, as a nose. [2 definitions]
snub-nosed having a short and stubby nose. [2 definitions]
snuff1 to take in through the nose; inhale. [6 definitions]
snuff2 the portion of a candlewick that is charred from burning. [4 definitions]
snuffbox a small, often ornamental container for snuff.
snuffer1 one who sniffles or snuffs, such as a dog. [2 definitions]
snuffer2 a scissorlike instrument for removing the charred wick from a candle. [3 definitions]
snuffle to breathe in a noisy way, usu. from nasal congestion; sniffle. [5 definitions]
snug small and comfortable; cozy. [4 definitions]
snuggle to lie comfortably next to someone or something; cuddle. [2 definitions]
so in the way expressed or indicated. [14 definitions]
soak to lie in and become covered or saturated with a liquid. [12 definitions]
soak up to take in liquid completely.
so-and-so an unspecified or unnamed person. [2 definitions]
soap a cleaning substance that is usu. made by treating fats or oils with an alkali and is manufactured in bars, liquids, powders, or flakes. [3 definitions]
soapberry any of various tropical or subtropical trees bearing a globular fruit that contains saponin and lathers like soap. [2 definitions]