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soap bubble a filmy bubble made of soapy water. [2 definitions]
soap opera a melodramatic serialized drama, usu. broadcast on daytime television or radio.
soapstone a soft stone that is composed chiefly of talc and has a soapy feel; steatite.
soapsuds suds made by lathering soap in water.
soapy containing, covered with, or infused with soap. [4 definitions]
soar to fly or glide swiftly, effortlessly, and usu. at a great height. [4 definitions]
soave a dry white wine from northern Italy.
SOB (slang, often vulgar) abbreviation of "son of a bitch," a hateful or despicable person or thing.
sob to weep convulsively and with great emotion. [5 definitions]
sobaheg in Wampanoag language and culture, a stew, often made with beans, corn, and meat.
sober not having drunk any alcohol; not intoxicated. [6 definitions]
sober-minded serious or self-controlled; sensible.
sobriety abstinence from alcohol; temperance. [2 definitions]
sobriquet a nickname, esp. an affectionate or comical one.
sob story a tale of personal problems meant to arouse pity in others. [2 definitions]
soc. abbreviation of "society," a group of persons associated for a particular purpose or activity. [2 definitions]
so-called improperly or incorrectly called. [2 definitions]
soccer a game in which two teams of eleven players attempt to advance a ball into an opposing goal by kicking or striking it with body parts other than the hands and arms.
soccer ball the round ball used in the game of soccer.
sociable comfortable and pleasant in social situations; friendly; affable. [2 definitions]
social living in groups or communities instead of alone. [7 definitions]