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southbound going toward the south.
South Carolina a southeastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast, between North Carolina and Georgia. (abbr.: SC)
South China Sea an extension of the Pacific Ocean between Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China.
South Dakota a midwestern U.S. state between North Dakota and Nebraska. (abbr.: SD)
southeast a point on the compass halfway between south and east. [4 definitions]
Southeast Asia a region of Asia consisting of the countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, East Timor, and the Philippines.
southeaster a strong wind or storm from the southeast.
southeasterly of, in, or toward the southeast. [2 definitions]
southeastern located in, coming from, or characteristic of the southeast.
southeasterner a person born or living in a southeastern region.
southeastward toward the southeast. [3 definitions]
southeastwardly toward the southeast. [2 definitions]
souther a sudden storm or gale from the south.
southerly of, related to, or toward the south. [3 definitions]
southern situated in, directed towards, coming from, or relating to the south.
Southern Cross a circumpolar constellation in the southern sky, located within the Milky Way and containing two bright stars.
southerner (often cap.) a native or inhabitant of a southern area or region.
Southern Hemisphere the half of the earth that is south of the equator.
southern lights see aurora australis.
Southern Ocean the ocean that surrounds the continent of Antarctica.
Southern Rhodesia see Rhodesia, Zimbabwe.