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spectrometer a spectroscope equipped to measure wavelengths and the positions and angles of lines in a spectrum.
spectrophotometer an instrument that measures how much light is absorbed, transmitted, or produced by an object or chemical as a function of wavelength.
spectroscope an optical instrument that enables examination, measurement, or recording of a spectrum by rendering its component electromagnetic waves, as of light or radiation, distinct and visible.
spectrum an array of a physical system or phenomenon according to the magnitude of one of its properties such as mass or wavelength, esp. an array of light in the order of wavelengths that produces the rainbow. [2 definitions]
specular of or relating to the mirror-like reflection of waves from a surface.
speculate to wonder or make a guess or guesses with respect to something. [5 definitions]
speculation the act or process of thinking, wondering, or guessing about something. [4 definitions]
speculative of, pertaining to, or based on conjecture or theorizing. [4 definitions]
speculator one that engages in financial speculations. [2 definitions]
speculum a medical instrument that can be opened after insertion, used to dilate a passage or cavity so that it can be examined. [3 definitions]
sped a past tense and past participle of speed.
speech the faculty of communicating by speaking, or the act of speaking. [7 definitions]
speech clinic a facility where people with speech defects are treated.
speechify to make a speech, esp. one that is too long or too obviously a harangue.
speechless unable to speak because of exhaustion, surprise, astonishment, or great emotion. [2 definitions]
speech therapy treatment of speech and language disorders of either physical or cognitive origins.
speed the act of moving or ability to move rapidly or swiftly; quickness; swiftness. [11 definitions]
speedball (slang) a mixture of cocaine and heroin or morphine, usu. injected. [2 definitions]
speedboat a high-speed motorboat.
speed bump a raised concrete or asphalt ridge, as in a parking lot, to discourage speeding.
speed limit the highest legal driving speed in a state or on a road or portion of a road.