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spell3 a brief, undefined period or interval of time. [4 definitions]
spellbind to hold fascinated, as though under a spell; enchant.
spellbinder someone or something that holds attention as if by a spell, such as a compelling orator or entertainer, or a fascinating book.
spellbound held in fascinated attention, as if by a spell.
spell check a computer program that checks the spelling in a document. [2 definitions]
spelldown see "spelling bee."
speller a person who spells words. [2 definitions]
spelling the way one or more words are spelled; orthography. [2 definitions]
spelling bee a spelling competition, esp. one in which any contestant who misspells a word is eliminated.
spell out to describe or explain in detail, so as to make unmistakably clear. [2 definitions]
spelt1 a past tense and past participle of spell1.
spelt2 a hardy wheat grown in Europe and western Asia and used esp. for livestock feed.
spelunk to explore or investigate caves.
spelunker one who explores caves as a hobby or studies them as a profession.
spend to disburse (money or other resources). [4 definitions]
spendable available to be spent.
spender one who spends, esp. one known to spend large sums of money.
spending the money spent by an individual or organization, or the manner in which it is spent.
spending money cash for small personal expenses.
spendthrift one who is extravagant or wasteful with money; squanderer. [2 definitions]
spent past tense and past participle of spend. [3 definitions]