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spread to open, expand, or unfold. [18 definitions]
spreadable combined form of spread.
spread-eagle with the arms or wings and the legs outstretched. [3 definitions]
spreader one that spreads. [4 definitions]
spreadsheet a piece of paper or a computer application for recording numerical or other data using rows and columns. [2 definitions]
spree a happy, lively outing or other activity. [3 definitions]
sprier a comparative of "spry."
spriest a superlative of "spry."
sprig a twig or shoot from a plant, usu. with its leaves, flowers, or berries. [2 definitions]
sprightly lively, spirited, or energetic. [2 definitions]
spring to move out or upward quickly or suddenly; jump. [22 definitions]
springboard a flexible board secured at one end and used to give impetus to a jump in diving or gymnastics. [2 definitions]
springbok a graceful brown and white gazelle of southern Africa that leaps high into the air when startled.
spring chicken a young chicken suitable for broiling or frying.
springer someone or something that springs. [2 definitions]
springer spaniel a dog of either of two breeds of spaniel, English or Welsh, having drooping ears and a silky brown and white or black and white coat, and used for flushing and retrieving game.
spring fever the feelings of listlessness or restlessness that may affect people at the beginning of spring.
Springfield the capital of Illinois.
springhouse a small structure over a spring or stream, used for keeping milk, butter, and the like cool.
spring lock a lock in which a spring automatically shoots the bolt.
spring tide the tides that occur soon after the new or full moon and have the greatest rise and fall. (Cf. neap.) [2 definitions]