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squander to spend or expend (money, time, or effort) wastefully.
Squanto North American Indian who served as an English-speaking guide to English settlers and as an interpreter between these settlers, known as the Pilgrims, and members of the Wampanoag tribe (?--d.1622).
square a rectangle whose four sides are of equal length. [24 definitions]
square away to put in order; arrange properly.
square dance a lively dance in which couples form circles, squares, or other shapes and often execute steps or maneuvers as they are called out by the caller.
square-dance to perform the square dance.
square deal (informal) a fair, honest arrangement or deal, esp. a commercial transaction.
square knot a double knot with the free ends parallel to the standing parts.
squarely in a square form or fashion. [2 definitions]
square measure any system of units for measuring areas in squares, such as square inches or square meters.
square-rigged of a sailing vessel, outfitted with square sails.
square-rigger a square-rigged sailing ship.
square root a divisor of a number which, when multiplied by itself, equals that number.
square sail a four-sided sail rigged on a yard that is horizontal to the mast and athwart the keel of a sailing vessel.
square shooter (informal) one who is fair and honest in dealing with others.
square-shouldered having a posture or build with the shoulders straight across rather than sloping.
squash1 to press, beat, or crush into a pulp or flat mass. [8 definitions]
squash2 a gourdlike fruit that is borne on a vinelike plant and is eaten as a vegetable. [2 definitions]
squashy soft and easily crushed. [2 definitions]
squat to sit on one's heels, or to crouch low to the ground. [6 definitions]
squatter one that squats. [2 definitions]