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standardize to cause to conform to a standard. [2 definitions]
standardless combined form of standard.
standard of living the level of necessities and comforts of daily life that is available to and affordable by a nation, group, or individual.
standard time the time officially designated in any of the world's twenty-four time zones, which is based for the most part on that zone's distance from the Greenwich meridian.
standby a person or thing that is always ready or available. [3 definitions]
standee one who stands, esp. because there are no empty seats, as in an auditorium or on a bus.
stand for to symbolize or represent. [2 definitions]
stand-in a person who substitutes for another, esp. in film production or the theater. [2 definitions]
standing the act or posture of a person or thing that stands. [7 definitions]
standing army a nation's permanent army, maintained in peacetime as well as during war.
standing order an order that is in effect until it is changed or nullified. [2 definitions]
standing room space in which to stand when all the seats are filled, as in a theater, stadium, or bus.
standoff the inability of either side to win in a game or other competition. [2 definitions]
standoffish not friendly; indifferent; cold.
stand on ceremony to act in a formal or ceremonious fashion.
standout a person or thing that is distinctly superior to one or more others. [2 definitions]
stand out to elicit notice by being significantly different from or superior to others.
standpat (informal) having a tendency to resist change or alter one's course; conservative.
stand pat to refuse to change one's decision, policy, or opinion.
standpipe a vertical water pipe, either within a building or without, that is filled to a certain pressure in order to allow water to flow at various valves.
standpoint the outlook, opinion, and attitudes that determine how one views, understands, and evaluates things; perspective or point of view.