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status offense an act that is illegal when performed by people of a certain legal status, such as that of a minor or convicted felon.
status quo the existing state; conditions as they are at a given time.
status symbol a possession, habit, lifestyle, or practice regarded as a mark of social status, esp. of high status.
statute a law made by a legislature, as opposed to one established by the courts.
statute law a law enacted by legislative action. [2 definitions]
statute mile see mile.
statute of limitations a statute limiting the period of time during which legal action may be taken on a certain issue.
statutory of or being a statute or statutes. [2 definitions]
statutory rape the crime of sexual intercourse committed with a female who is younger than the legal age of consent.
staunch1 variant of stanch1.
staunch2 unwaveringly firm or loyal. [2 definitions]
stave a narrow, usu. curved wooden strip used to make barrels, casks, or the like. [7 definitions]
stave off to keep at a distance; ward off. [2 definitions]
staves a plural form of staff1. [2 definitions]
stay1 to spend time in a place. [12 definitions]
stay2 an object used to support or steady something; brace. [3 definitions]
stay3 a heavy rope or wire used to make a ship's masts steady. [2 definitions]
staying power the ability to endure or last; endurance.
staysail a triangular sail that is set on a stay.
stay up to remain awake.
std. abbreviation of "standard."