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steamy of or like steam. [3 definitions]
steapsin an enzyme in the pancreatic juice that facilitates the hydrolysis of fats into fatty acids and glycerol.
stearic acid a colorless, odorless, waxlike fatty acid, occurring in many animal and vegetable fats, that is used in making candles, soaps, and cosmetics.
stearin a colorless, odorless, tasteless ester found in most animal and vegetable fats that is used in the manufacture of soaps, adhesives, textile sizes, and the like.
steatite a kind of talc with many commercial uses; soapstone.
stedfast variant of steadfast.
steed in literary usage, a horse used for riding, esp. a well-built and lively one.
steel a hard, strong metal alloy composed of iron and carbon, and used for making machines, tools, knives, and the like. [7 definitions]
steel band a musical group, of a type originating in Trinidad, whose instruments are chiefly steel oil drums cut to varying heights.
steel blue a metallic blue-gray color.
steel drum a West Indian percussion instrument traditionally made from a metal oil barrel. A steel drum has a bowl-like shape, and different notes are produced by striking distinct indented areas within the bowl.
steel gray a dark bluish gray color.
steel guitar a type of electric guitar with raised metal strings that is played by plucking while pressing a steel bar against the strings.
steelhead a rainbow trout that migrates to the sea before returning to spawn in fresh water.
steel mill a factory in which steel is made and processed; steelworks.
steelpan a percussion instrument originating in Trinidad, traditionally made from a metal oil drum. A steelpan has a bowl-like shape, and different notes are produced by striking distinct indented areas within the bowl; steel drum.
steel wool a ball or pad made of fine threadlike steel shavings, that is used for cleaning and polishing.
steelworker a person who works in a steel mill.
steely resembling steel in color, hardness, or strength. [3 definitions]
steelyard a balance or scale, consisting of two unequal arms, in which the object to be weighed is suspended from the shorter arm and its weight determined by a movable counterpoise that slides along the graduated longer arm.
steenbok a small antelope found in grassy areas of eastern and southern Africa.