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stenotypy a shorthand in which symbols that represent sounds, words, and phrases are typed on a keyboard machine.
Stentor (cap.) in The Iliad, a Greek herald with an extremely loud voice. [3 definitions]
stentorian extremely loud and powerful.
step the movement made by lifting one foot and placing it down in another place; motion used in walking. [12 definitions]
step- related by way of a remarriage.
stepbrother the son of one's stepmother or stepfather by a previous marriage.
stepchild the child of one's spouse by a previous marriage.
stepdad (informal) a stepfather, the husband of one's mother, who is not one's biological father.
stepdaughter the daughter of one's spouse by a previous marriage.
step-down designating a transformer that reduces voltage, or a gear that reduces speed. [2 definitions]
stepfather the husband of one's mother, who may act as a father but is not one's father through a biological process.
stephanotis any of various woody climbing plants, noted for their white, sweet-scented blossoms.
Stephen Crane U.S. journalist and writer, acclaimed for his novel The Red Badge of Courage, (b.1871--d.1900).
step-in put on by being stepped into. [2 definitions]
stepladder a ladder with flat steps instead of rungs, often having a hinged frame that opens to form a stable support.
stepmom (informal) stepmother; the wife of one's father.
stepmother the wife of one's father, who may act as a mother but is not one's mother through a biological process.
step on someone's toes to offend by acting aggressive or by encroaching on another's domain.
stepparent a stepfather or stepmother.
steppe a broad, somewhat arid grass plain, esp. the great plains in southeast Russia and southwest Asia.
stepped-up increased in rate or intensity; accelerated; heightened.