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stomacher an elaborately ornamented garment formerly worn over the stomach and chest, esp. by women.
stomachic of, relating to, or beneficial to the stomach. [2 definitions]
-stome mouth or similar opening.
-stomous having a mouth as specified.
stomp to stamp or trample heavily upon, esp. so as to smash or otherwise harm. [5 definitions]
-stomy a surgical operation that creates an artificial opening in a (specified) organ or part.
stone hard matter formed from mineral and earth material; rock. [10 definitions]
stone- completely.
Stone Age the stage or level of the development of human culture that was characterized by the use of stone tools and weapons, dating from about two million B.C. to about 3,500 B.C., and divided into the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods.
stone-blind thoroughly and completely blind. (Cf. sand-blind, gravel-blind.)
stonecrop any of various perennial plants of the sedum family, esp. a mosslike plant that bears small yellow flowers and is often found growing on rocks and walls.
stonecutter a person or machine that cuts or dresses stone.
stoned (informal) drunk. [2 definitions]
stone-deaf thoroughly and completely deaf.
stonefly any of numerous winged insects whose larvae live under rocks in streams and are often used as fishing bait.
Stonehenge a large circle of prehistoric megaliths in southern England.
stonemason a person who prepares stone for, and uses stone in, building.
stone's throw a short distance, comparable to the distance that a stone may be thrown.
stonewall to block or hinder someone or some process, as by delaying, stalling, or withholding cooperation. [2 definitions]
stonewalling the tactic of stalling or withholding cooperation or information in order to block, delay, or frustrate a person, group, or process.
stoneware a hard pottery made with clay having a large proportion of silica or flint.